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99 Secrets To Land A Job You Love
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99 Secrets To Land A Job You Love
* we respect your privacy - will not be sold, rent, or leased *
You're Going To Discover...
Secret #1: Resumes
What To Keep On Your Resume 
(And What To Ditch)
Should you have an objective statement? Should you include "references available upon request"? How do you write a resume that stands out in the pile? Let us tell you! 
Secret #2: Interviews 
How to land more interviews-- and ace the toughest questions
"What's your biggest weakness?" This is one of the toughest interview questions, among so many others. Discover how to land more interviews, and some of the best practices you can use NOW to ace your interviews-- and get a call back every time!
Secret #3: Negotiation
how to get paid what you're worth
Discover some of the best strategies you can use to negotiate a pay increase beyond your wildest dreams.
Secret #4: Career Pivots
How to change your career--
Even if you have little experience
Here you will learn how to ace your interviews, even if you feel like you are OVERQUALIFIED or UNDERQUALIFIED, regardless of whether you have experience working in that field. We are going to help you build your network, even if it is new, and land that new job you love.
Secret #5: Cold Emails 
How to reach out to people that can actually hire you
Believe it or not one of the biggest mistakes you can make when you're networking is trying to network with family and friends. Think about: they are not in a position to actually hire you for the dream job you are seeking. That is why this cold email formula will show you how to actually get a response from people in a position to hire you.
Secret #6: Confidence
How to own the room--
even if you feel panic on the inside
Discover some of my best practices to upgrade your confidence and mindset so that you can really step into the room, inspire the interviewer, and be so memorable that they even offer you the job interviewer on the spot. And if they don't, you'll be getting a call back.
Don't Take It From Us
Take it from people who took Ashley's courses in the past...
"I made a complete career pivot and was able to get the exact job at the exact company that I wanted at a salary that's perfect for me. [Ashley's courses are] the smartest investment you could make in a job hunt - if you want to make more money, feel aligned with your soul - this is the way to go."
Kimberly nanney-pine
san francisco, ca
"Our conversations left me feeling inspired & motivated to make my dreams a reality. Using the skills I learned [from Ashley's Job Offer Academy], I was able to land multiple offers in a field that excites me, even while I was living 7,000 miles away. I’m moving to Germany with a great position lined up, a goal I used to think I would never achieve."
Caitlin c.
Frankfurt, Germany
"If you spend money to work in a career you love and make more money than you did before, it is a small investment overall and the program will probably end up paying for itself like it has for so many people....If I could give her a rating higher than five stars, I would."
Shar rauch
Oakland, ca
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