The Job Offer Academy includes 8 video trainings-- and workbooks! -- so you can land a job you love, even with little experience!
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Job Offer Academy
  •  Module #1: Get Clarity On Your Career Purpose (96 minutes) + Downloadable workbook
    +Tutorial 1: Using LinkedIn to discover your career niche (16 minutes)
  •  Module #2: Craft The Perfect Elevator Pitch (48 minutes) + Workbook
  •  Module #3: Write a Resume That Stands Out (75 minutes) + Downloadable Resume Templates
  •  Module #4: Write An Impeccable Cover Letter (24 minutes)+ Downloadable Cover Letter Templates
  •  Module #5: Learn How to Network Like a Pro Part I (24 minutes) + Scripts to writing the perfect cold email
    +Tutorial 2: How to Find Your Key Contacts (9 minutes)
    +Tutorial 3: How to Find Anyone's Email in Record Time (4 minutes)
  •  Module #6: Learn How to Network Like a Pro Part II (51 minutes)
    +Tutorial 4: How to Leverage Your College Alumni Network (5 minutes)
  •  Module #7: Ace Your Job Interviews (50 minutes)+ Intensive Workbook
  •  Module #8: Master the Art of Salary Negotiation to get paid what you're worth!
  • Access to 8 video trainings (10+ hours of instruction)
  • Access to 4 tutorials on how to leverage social media when job hunting.
  • Downloadable workbook with exercises for each training.
  • Scripts and templates for exactly what to write in your “cold” emails to hiring managers and human resources employees.
  • Access to the Job Offer Academy Facebook Group (for Alumni!)
  • Limited number of seats at this price point!
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