We've been lied to... We were told that if you "follow your passion,"
you'll land a new job that you love. 
But this just isn't how the job hunt works.
My thoughts as a career expert…? 

- Don’t apply for jobs online. 
- Don’t network with family or friends. 
- Don’t take a job to get your foot in the door. 
- Don’t ask people to pass your resume around.
Land a new job you Love, Pronto...
Even If You Have Little Experience!
I thought I did everything right—I went to college, took on every internship under the sun, worked hard, and… couldn’t land a job to save my life.   

Now, I’ve been fortunate enough to become an award-winning counterterrorism professional, and accelerate quickly through the corporate ranks!   

I was grateful to eventually be featured as a career coach in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, SELF, TEDx and more for my work in helping hundreds of others do the same in their own careers. 

…But I didn’t get there doing any of the typical career or job hunt advice you hear.

In fact doing a lot of those typical job hunt moves—applying for jobs online, asking people to pass my resume around, and more—got me nowhere.

…Perhaps you can relate?

After finishing my degree, I spent months applying for jobs and never hearing back... And eventually, I accepted a job as an admin assistant making minimum wage. 

To know that I had real potential to make an impact in the world as I sat in my desk doing nothing of meaning really ate at my soul.    
 I counted down until 5pm every day.  
I could hardly afford my bills.  
I lived for the weekends.  
I felt undervalued.  
I knew I needed to make a change. So I quit my job, moved to Washington, DC, and – in only 6 weeks— I landed three job offers, nearly tripled my salary, and accepted a management-level position running a program for the Pentagon.  

How did I land a new, high-paying job so quickly (DESPITE having such little experience)?  

After lots of trial and error, I came up with a job-hunting system—a step-by-step formula that turned my conversations into job interviews… And it then turned my job interviews into job offers.   

I’ve since been on a quest over the past 7 years to help as many job seekers as possible with this step-by-step system that takes them out of overwhelm and into JOB OFFERS—regardless of whether they have little experience, are making a career pivot, are seasoned professionals, are new employees… All of it.    

I’ve supported thousands of job seekers in 30 countries through my job-hunting course, and it would be my highest honor to support you, too! 
What if I could completely take the guess work out of your job hunt, so you can land a new job you love in just a few weeks.
What if you started hearing back on all your applications? What if you aced every single curveball job interview question? This is the entire point of the Job Offer Academy.

Get paid what you're worth
Feel fulfilled by your work
Grow your skills + break glass ceilings
Hear what clients have to say about the Job Offer Academy...
"I left feeling empowered, armed with tools on how to frame conversations, negotiate, and make better professional decisions."

-Shanelle C.
Richmond, VA
"Landed my dream job in a new city, found my purpose, and got a 50% raise - in just 6 weeks!"

-Lauren Hutnick
Los Angeles, CA
"Before working with Ashley, I applied to so many jobs and never heard back. After following Ashley's LinkedIn teachings in her Job Academy, I heard back the next day from a recruiter at my dream job. I got the position the following week!"

-Andrea G.
The Hague, Netherlands

Land a new job you love - 
in record time

If not now, when?
What's included in the Job Offer Academy?
  • 8 step-by-step video trainings (a total of 10 hours of instruction).
  • 4 tutorials on how to leverage social media in your job search.
  • Downloadable workbook (accompanying every training video).
  •  Scripts and templates for exactly what to write in your “cold” emails to hiring managers and human resources employees.
  •  Resume and Cover letter templates for you to follow.
Module #1: Clarity
  •  Get clear on your natural gifts + how to turn them into the best job for you.
  • ​Discover career paths you never knew existed.
  • ​Switch careers with ease - even if you have little experience.
  • ​Become more aligned with your true purpose.
  • ​Make a plan for where you’re going in your life/career, and HOW to get there.
+ TUTORIAL #1: Find Your Purpose Through Effective Research On LinkedIn
Module #2: Elevator Pitch
  •  Discover the formula to answer the most common interview and networking question: "Tell me about yourself."
  • ​Learn THE two key questions to ask to turn more conversations into job interviews!
  • ​Train your ear to hear an invitation for an elevator pitch…and never feel like you’ve left an opportunity on the table again.
  • ​Understand how to re-frame something “negative” (i.e. a resume gap, illness, etc.) as it comes up in a networking conversation.
Module #3: Resume
  •  Learn how to craft a resume that stands out in  the pile - and gets a call back.
  •  Avoid the biggest mistakes that will send your resume straight to the trash.
  •  Learn to write like a professional resume writer – including timeless tips and current best practices.
  •  Position yourself as a thought leader and a high performer (in a way that translates into more $$$ in your bank account).
Module #4: Cover Letter
  •  Write a cover letter that grabs employers' attention - and makes you their first call for the job.
  •  Understand the 2 types of cover letters (and which one you should include with your application).
  •  See examples of each type of cover letter + how to structure each paragraph.
  •  Learn common grammar, content & style mistakes to avoid.
  •  Discover what to do BEFORE you start writing, that can “make” or “break” your  application.
Module #5: Find Out Who Can Hire You 
(Networking Part I)
  •  Discover how to get in touch with the exact people who have the power to hire you...And get them excited to meet you.
  •  Learn how to target your networking (hint: talking to family and friends of friends is only scratching the surface!).
  •  Want to move to a new city/country? Learn how to land that “destination dream job” without even leaving home.
  • + TUTORIAL #2: Discover How To Target The Right Contacts On LinkedIn.
Module #6: Write The Perfect Cold Email 
(Networking Part II)
  •  Discover exactly how to write an email that inspires a response from recruiters and hiring managers.
  •  Get scripts and templates for exactly what to write in your “cold” emails to hiring managers and human resources employees.
  •  Understand the art of effectively following up.
  •  Learn the structure/formula for writing your own cold emails (when you come across a new type of outreach situation).
  •  Learn how to leverage your college alumni network, even years after you’ve graduated.
  • + TUTORIAL #3: How To Find Anyone's Email.
  • + TUTORIAL #4: How To Leverage Your College Alumni Network
Module #7: Ace Your Job Interviews
  •  Ace every curveball interview question that comes your way!
  •  Discover the best answers for the most pressing interview questions.
  •  Inspire your interviewer and stand out from the crowd.
  •  Talk about your biggest weaknesses in a way that is honest AND positions you as a strong candidate.
  •  Answer interview questions about salary expectations with ease & grace.
  •  Learn how to prepare as effectively as possible.
  •  Navigate phone or Skype interviews like a pro.
  •  Secrets on how to tactfully follow up.
Module #8: Get Paid What You're Worth
  •   Discover how to masterfully negotiate so you can get paid what you're worth.
  •  Negotiate a 20% salary bump before you sign the dotted line.
  •  Find out what employers are paying in your industry (this can make all the difference in the negotiation process).
  •   Get a raise – even when the employer tells you the number “isn’t flexible.”
  •  Learn how to make it a win-win negotiation every time.
...This section ALONE will pay for the course thousands of times over!
(for the next 17 people who join!)

Once you learn some of the best networking strategies, why not join forces with fellow alums who can support you in your job search? 

This group will get ongoing access to freebies from me, including audios, e-books and more!
"I was able to gain an amount of confidence I didn’t know I had before. I was able to get a new job. I doubled my salary. And there is a huge weight lifted off my chest. I was afraid, and Ashley was so supportive."
Chanel Smith - Los Angeles, CA
“I went from sending emails hours a day to…a number of job offers…It is still scary to ask what I want...and for a competitive salary. I could just use all the help I could get on that. That part of the module series was really important for me.”
“The modules that I found are the secret sauce are the clarity and networking…[because] you have the templates available, you don’t need to rely on cover letters and resumes!... I’m going to have my dream job in Washington DC.”
“I made a complete career pivot, and was able to get the exact job at the company that I wanted at a salary that was perfect for me. It’s the smartest decision you can make in a job hunt.”
Kimberly Nanny-Pine - Denton, TX
Here's What You Get When You Join Us Today:
  •  Access to 8 video trainings (10+ hours of instruction), delivered over 14 days
  • Access to 5 tutorials on how to leverage social media when job hunting.
  • Downloadable workbook with exercises for each training.
  •  Curated videos of top computer skills that employers seek, like Excel, Word, and Quickbooks
  •  Access to the Job Offer Academy Facebook Group (for Alumni!)
I wanted to show job seekers that they are NOT their circumstances. With this simple step-by-step system in the Job Offer Academy, they'll learn how to master the job hunt and get paid what they're worth! This is the exact plan I followed to go from an admin assistant making minimum wage to a 6 figure management level job for the Pentagon in Washington, DC, all in ONE 6-week job hunt!

Ashley Stahl, Creator of the Job Offer Academy
Today You Will Learn How To Take Charge Of Your Career, Land A Fulfilling New Job, And Get Paid What You’re Worth—In Record Time!    

Luck favors the bold! Don’t wait to take action—join me now! We have a limited number of seats at this price point, and once we fill up, this offer will expire.   

You deserve to love your job—it’s time to say goodbye to that Sunday night sickness, where you’re dreading Monday. 
Client Love
"I doubled my salary, AND I interviewed so well that they created a position FOR me!"

-Shar Rauch
San Francisco, CA
"I landed a new, amazing job I never thought I could get, got a 60% pay increase, and had three more job offers come my way in 4 weeks!"

-Rory Gory
Los Angeles, CA
"After one year of job hunting, I almost gave up - until I found Ashley! Within 8 weeks, I landed a new job I was so excited about, and transitioned careers without an issue."

-Kristi Siemsen
Pittsburg, PA
"I made a complete career pivot and was able to get the exact job at the exact company that I wanted at a salary that's perfect for me. It's the smartest investment you could make in a job hunt - if you want to make more money, feel aligned with your soul - this is the way to go."

-Kimberly Nanney-Pine
San Francisco, CA

"Ashley has transformed my view on my professional future because now I am equipped with the tools to be take big action, and receive big results."

Lawrese Brown
New York, NY

"Ashley’s program is the best program there is. I was able to go from being unemployed to negotiating a salary $14,000 more annually than I was making at my previous job in just 2 months of the program"

“AMAZING! Ashley’s program is the best program there is. Her approach is innovative and challenges the typical job search techniques. Well worth the small financial and time investment! I was able to go from being unemployed to negotiating a salary $14,000 more annually than I was making at my previous job in just 2 months of the program.

Before participating in Ashley’s course I was unemployed, depressed and feeling like my college degree was worthless. After completing her course and beginning my new job I feel confident, like I am being paid what I am worth and like I have an abundance of opportunities! If you follow her plan closely and utilize the online Facebook group, you WILL see results.

Thank you Ashley for helping me turn my life around!”

Candice N.
Los Angeles, CA

"Using the skills I learned from our sessions, I was able to land multiple offers in a field that excites me, even while I was living 7,000 miles away."

Caitlin C.
Frankfurt, Germany

"If you spend money to work in a career you love and make more money than you did before, it is a small investment overall and the program will probably end up paying for itself like it has for so many people....If I could give her a rating higher than five stars, I would."

“I came across her webinar via Facebook. By the end, I knew I had sign up. I went slowly through the modules and then I was laid off, so there was a huge motivating factor for me to embrace everything as much as I could and bring it to life in my job search. From the first day of my layoff until I signed a job offer, I had interviews on a weekly basis, except for one week I took a vacation. There were so many options. My friends kept asking me how I got that many interviews. I made it to several final round interviews and with two different organizations, I interviewed for one position but the interviewees found that they wanted me for even higher level positions. 

The energy that Ashley brings is so powerful and she really does have a passion for my success (and everyone else). She says so many things that resonates with my belief system and I respond well to people who are truly genuine and nice.

What I found to be a highlight, is the Facebook group. Imagine being in a group of hundreds of people cheering you on, who share stories that we can all learn from. If you thrive in very positive supportive respectful environments (it is not a space for bullies) then this is the best place for you and your career path. You are not alone and you will never feel stuck in your career ever again. 

Ashley is a true inspiration and I hope that myself and others who have worked with her can convey she is worth the investment. Because if you spend money to work in a career you love and make more money than you did before, it is a small investment overall and the program will probably end up paying for itself like it has for so many people. 

Thank you so much, Ashley. If I could give you a rating higher than five stars, I would.”

Shar Rauch
Oakland, CA

"I felt like typical confused millennial stuck in a chronic state of stressful underemployment. Ashley helped my turn me into a focused professional with joy and balance in my life."

"The confidence I gained from working with Ashley is real and priceless. I hammered out plans for cold networking with anyone I wanted a phone call or meeting with by strategically using Linkedin and other networking tools. I also formed a beautiful answer to thequestion “So tell me about yourself?” and was supported by Ashley to powerfully negotiate my salary and employment package.

Her sessions create meaningful change in your life by helping you raise your standards and identify opportunities to change the way that you think about your future. I no longer have skewed perception of money and the value of my work.

She is an investment that you will absolutely make your return on.”

Tiffany Tedesco
Los Angeles, CA

"The things schools doesn’t teach you are how to apply yourself, how to find what you’re good at, how to network, and how to get a job. They teach you knowledge, whereas Ashley teaches life lessons."

 “From her charismatic personality to her passion in helping young women, there’s nothing to not love about this incredible inspiration of a woman. She gave me more guidance than I’ve had in my years through college. My time with her has been life changing, and I now see my future with a path, a reachable goal."

Kari Sandor
Thousand Oaks, CA

"You’re given highly effective tactics to help in your interview and salary negotiation process."

“Through the modules, I made significant improvements to my LinkedIn profile and resume. You’re given highly effective tactics to help in your interview and salary negotiation process [...]. The entire program is meticulously organized, but above all, I felt that Ashley and her team really care about helping people find amazing jobs that they deserve. There is no doubt in my mind about that.

Thank you for helping me in this journey! You really are the best. Keep up the great work!”

Renzo Garcia
Pasadena, CA

"After my sessions with Ashley I gained so much clarity; now I know the right questions to ask, how to advocate for myself, how to brand myself, and how to take control of the conversation."

“I only have great things to say about my experience with Ashley. Before we met [...] I was drowning my sorrows with pints of ice cream and watching Netflix all day because I didn’t know how tofigure out what I wanted. I was so focused on how to do what I was passionate about, but was confused on how that could translate into a career.

Now I know the right questions to ask, how to advocate for myself, how to brand myself, and how to take control of the conversation. Ashley is very passionate about career coaching and this comes through with the results. I have a clear road map to where I want to go thanks to her, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants the same.”

Leah Luong
Thousand Oaks, CA

"Really made a difference in my professional career! Helped me also to answer the difficult questions about career changes or strange periods in your resume."

“Amazing professional coaching on how to get your dream job! Loved the salary negotiation tips! Really made a difference in my professional career! Helped me also to answer the difficult questions about career changes or strange periods in your resume. Boosted my confidence to the sky and that showed during the whole interview process. Thank you!!!!”*

Anapaula C
Brickell, Miama

"Landed two job offers, tripled my salary, and feel better than ever!"

Alexandra Makowka
Orange County, CA

"After our work, going out to DC no longer felt like such a risk. I had a much better idea of what I wanted to do and confidence in what I had to offer, as well as the necessary tangible skills to pursue my goals."

 “After being abruptly evacuated from my Peace Corps service in Ukraine, I found myself feeling lost and suddenly out of a job. My life was flipped on its head almost over night. I felt unsure about what I wanted to do and what I had to offer as a “sort of” Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and recent college grad. For a few months, while living at home, I had considered going to find a job in DC (my background is in International Affairs), though after my evacuation from Ukraine I wasn’t exactly in the mood to take big risks.

Then I found Ashley.

Next, I had a much better idea of what I wanted to do and confidence in what I had to offer, as well as the necessary tangible skills to pursue my goals. Although there were no guarantees, I went out to DC and employed Ashley's ideas.

Remembering her words of wisdom I networked like crazy and made real, mutually-beneficial connections with people. One of the connections ultimately resulted in a job; today, I’m working for a government contractor as a content manager. Ashley is quick to deflect any responsibility for my achievements, though I can say with confidence that if it wasn’t for this amazing individual I would not be where I am today.

I learned how to better communicate with others, leverage my past experiences, and network effectively.”

Adam Azoff
Washington, DC

"Ashley will give you the tools to strengthen your network and get where you need to go."

Sandra B.
Los Angeles, CA

"After working with Ashley, I got clarity on my purpose, landed multiple job offers, and negotiate to get paid what I'm worth!"

“I first started working with Ashley back in September 2013 when I was feeling lost and very unhappy in my job. My whole life I thought I would work in fashion, but I was unsatisfied with every job I took in the industry. This presented a problem because I had no idea what else I could do with my career. After working with Ashley, I got clarity on my purpose, landed multiple job offers, and negotiate to get paid what I'm worth!

Brenna Moore
Westlake Village, CA
“As I started the program I started to see some valuable content there. It talks about real world problems and how to resolve them. The program helps you set your goals and guides you to achieve them. Here is what I have to say after taking the program:

1. Customer service is exceptional.

2. If you devote time and really work on the methodology that this program proposes, it is impossible for somebody to not be successful. It very subtly opens your eyes to how the world works.

3. Patience is important, if you expect that you will join the program and you will get the results immediately, then this is not the program for you. Everybody’s situation is unique and some people get results faster than others.

4. There is also a Facebook group which connects different people in the program and even if you are just a reader, you will learn a lot from people’s experience.

If you are really-really serious about your career and want to progress, then I would recommend trying this program. If you feel it’s not for you, then you can always unsubscribe.”

Mishy M
Raleigh, NC
 I'm not a millennial... Should I still take this course, or is there a certain age range?
This course is age and gender neutral, meaning our step-by-step system is designed to help you learn how to craft a resume and cover letter that stands out in the pile, regardless of your age. It's also a strategic program to help you effectively network your way into more conversations that turn into job interviews (and offers), regardless of what age you are or chapter you're in professionally. The interview tips and salary negotiation strategies are also timeless. 

This program is effective both for seasoned professionals and people who are new to the workforce.
Will this work for me?... Or does this course work for a certain TYPE of job?
We've helped people in all industries through this program-- medical professionals, fashion stylists, financial analysts, intelligence managers, admin assistants... ALL of it! 

This course shows you how to write a resume that stands out, how to best present yourself through your communication, and how to expand your professional network. It doesn't matter what industry you're in-- this course is powerful to support your networking strategies.
I don't want a new job for another few months-- should I do this later?
The best time to look for a job, is when you don't need one! We recommend doing the legwork in this program, as modules 1-4 are all about laying strategic groundwork for modules 5-8. We highly recommend diving into the content and laying a foundation to network before you absolutely need it.

... And of course, the second best time to look for a job... is when you need a job!!
I want to connect to a community! Is there any one on one time with Ashley?
This is a self-study course, so there is no 1:1 time with Ashley throughout the experience! This job hunting methodology presents her best material and content, but as big believers in community, we've created the JOA facebook group! Definitely use this group as a tool to connect with other job seekers, build relationships, and ask questions to your peers along the way.

We've seen people in our Facebook groups even give job opportunities to each other, as one is leaving a job that often another wants!
What if I don't like this course? 
No problem! Email with all of your completed homework within 7 days of signing up, and we'll issue you a full refund. All the homework required for that is listed here in the program agreement.
Should I work with Ashley privately, or would the course be right for me?
This course is best for you-- and most affordable!-- if your primary goal is to learn how to land a new job (even if you're making a career pivot, even if you have little experience). However, if you're struggling with clarity and you are drawing a total blank on what to do with your career path, and you've tried her affordable Career Clarity Lab course (LINK) then you may first want to seek Ashley's 1:1 support. Her genius in private coaching is in helping people figure out who they are and what sort of career path to pursue, upgrade their confidence and mindset, come up with a clear vision for their career path and life, or launch their service based business.

If this sounds more like you, feel free to apply for a free coaching consultation here.
Is my culture/country too different to use this methodology?
No! Networking is a powerful tool to land a new job-- or any opportunities in life-- and we want to show you how! This course will help you hone your people skills and conversation skills, and use them in a way that turns into career opportunities. This is powerful regardless of your country or location. We've had thousands of customers in more than 31 countries use Ashley's methodology.
Do I need a college degree?
Nope! In fact, without a college degree, learning how to network effectively is even more critical to you... And that's much of our focus in this course! This course essentially shows you how to take your personality and communication skills, and take your best step forward with employers. It's a powerful tool to help you land a new job you love, be who you are, and stand out in the pile, even without your degree.
Will this help me make a career pivot?
Yes! In order to change careers, you NEED to build a new, strong network that aligns with the direction you're going. Module 1 will help expose you to your new niche and career direction so you can deepen your clarity on the best job fits for you. Module 2 is going to help you talk about yourself, and your new career direction, with ease! Modules 3+4 will help you write a strong resume and cover letter that syncs up with the career shift you're making so that hiring managers don't feel concerned by your career change. Modules 5 and 6 help you create a network around the new career direction you're going. Modules 7 and 8 help you nail your interviews and salary negotiation, despite the career pivot.
Do I really have access to this course for LIFE?
No! You have access for 1 year from the date of your purchase.
I want to land a new job in a new city or country. Will this help?
YES! We've had lots of students use this to network with people in a different city, and they've had incredible success. This is an especially powerful course to use if you dream of changing cities, and you will certainly be able to apply our methods to land a new job you love in a different city (or country!) 
*Disclaimer: These results are not typical. Your results may vary. Our average customer receives an increase in responses to their resume. Testimonials are from various programs with similar methodology.